LESTER, Ala. (WHNT) — The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) says it has determined raw poultry was not the cause of children at a Limestone County School getting sick last month but the agency said it did not determine a cause for the incident.

ADPH Chief Medical Officer Dr. Karen Landers said after an investigation, ADPH has determined that no children at Sugar Creek Elementary School consumed raw poultry while at school on Feb. 23 as the food the students ate was pre-cooked.

On Feb. 24, several concerned parents reached out to News 19 saying that several children had gotten sick after lunch blaming it on the food served at the school.

Superintendent Randy Shearouse also told News 19 that several students got sick that day, even saying one student went to the hospital but was quickly released.

ADPH later confirmed that it was investigating 26 children falling ill at the school, the department said the students had symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Landers said Monday that after an investigation ADPH found nothing that could be linked to an outbreak.

“Stool specimens, collected as part of the investigation, did not result any pathogens that could be linked to an outbreak,” she said. “No children were hospitalized, and all have recovered.”

ADPH previously said it took food and patient specimens for analysis to the Bureau of Clinical Laboratories in Montgomery (BCL).  

News 19 asked ADPH if the department had any idea what caused the children to get sick. A department spokesperson said they had not determined any cause for the incident.

“The investigation is complete,” the spokesperson said. “No cause was determined.”