ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) — The world premiere of a special kind of documentary took place at Athens High School.

A film based on the 1975 Athens football team debuted in front of the players who won a state championship for the Golden Eagles that year.

“Willie’s Gift” is about the 1975 season and it was created in part due to the connection developed between high school football and the community in Athens.

Athen’s native and creator Keith Dunnavant spoke about the emotions associated with the film he directed.

“It’s about connective tissue between a town and its program its a special story and to come back to your hometown to do a film like this really a special feeling,” Dunnavant told News 19.

Players and coaches reunited for the first time in years with community members gathering to honor the team.

Limestone County Sports Hall of Famer Larry McCoy coached the team to that state championship and he talked about football meaning more than just winning games.

“I always felt like the athletics would not be worth what we put into it if we didn’t get more out of it, we tried to do things the right way and we tried to teach right from wrong and we tried to do the best we could do to make young men out of them,” McCoy said.

While community members had to pay in order to watch the film, proceeds raised will go toward Feed the Eagle the food and nutrition program for Athens High School football players.