Athens tenants speak out against apartment conditions


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – How long could you live in a damaged apartment? For an expectant mother in Athens, living paycheck to paycheck, it’s until the problem is fixed.

Tamara Green is a resident of Oak Leaf Apartments. After returning home from a visit with family early last week, she found something shocking.

“I realized my carpet was wet. And it led me to my closet and I opened my closet and there was just mold in there, on my clothes, shoes, even other items in my closet.”

Green is pregnant and she fears living surrounded by mold – which has crept into her bedroom and her laundry room.

“I notice anything with wood, it grows on there,” said Green, “it actually molded the UNO cards.”

Green is worried about her baby’s health.

Green’s carpet is actually wet to the touch and the mildew smell is so strong, she can’t even sleep in her own bed.

“My boyfriend moved my mattress into the floor and I’ve been sleeping there since then.”

Green said she notified management on August 26th and has been following up ever since. In Alabama, mold doesn’t classify as an emergency repair – the law gives landlords 14-days to respond. But green isn’t the only tenant in the building citing problems

“It’s about 9:16 at night and this is leaking.”

Trenee Yarbrough says she’s lived at Oak Leaf for nearly a decade.

About 2 months ago, “I heard a big boom in my kitchen, I thought someone was breaking in,” said Yarbrough.

Her upstairs neighbor Jonathan Burrell’s AC unit apparently flooded Yarbrough’s ceiling and shattered her kitchen light fixture. He says he’s had his own damage to worry about. 

“I lived with water damage in my apartment for 3-4 days before they attempted to come fix that problem, said Burrell.

Green says she isn’t angry about the situation — just concerned. 

“Don’t get me wrong, I love living here but if I can’t get a situation fixed that’s going to make me sick and I’m living in this type of condition, I can’t do it. I’m worried about my baby the most,” said Green.

She says with a baby on the way — she just wants to feel safe in her own home. 

Representation for management says they’re looking to bring in a 3rd party contractor to resolve Green’s problem as soon as possible. 

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