Athens recreation center set to open in mid-July


ATHENS, Ala. – The Athens Recreation Center will open its doors in the next couple of week and the city couldn’t be more excited.  

In honor of long time friend and former recreations director, the main gymnasium will be named after Ben Wiley. That’s just one of the amazing perks the 72,000 square foot complex has to offer.  

Mayor Ronnie Marks couldn’t have been more excited to give a behind the scenes tour of the center and show those fun perks.  

 “It’s got six new tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, they’re already lining up for state tournaments to have and its got a workout room a babysitting room, a walking track around the top, three gymnasiums,” Marks exclaimed with excitement.  

But, the complex faced some minor bumps in the road, due to COVID-19, which affected the opening date, but not by much. 

“We’ve got a couple of more places to handle,” Marks said. “They should be in next week, and then by July 14, 15 time frame, we should be ready to open.” 

The mayor plans to use the center as a voting center for the upcoming elections. While you’re there voting, there’s another surprise you won’t see just yet. 

 “We’re looking at kind of a little bit of a surprise, so I’m busting it out today, we’re looking at one of the walls to do a mural of the city of Athens and some of its history. and hopefully that will be done in 2 or 3 months.” 

The mayor wants to make sure all things on the list are check off before the mural gets done.  

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