ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) — More than 350 student-athletes at Athens High School (AHS) scored some community service points after completing their first “Athletes Bettering the Community” event on Wednesday.

The athletes, accompanied by coaches, took the town by storm as they split up into 12 groups to help different after-school programs, resource centers and clean up the downtown area.

No pads or whistles were needed, but the same teamwork applied.

“We want everyone to feel like we’re ‘one Athens'”, said Girls Basketball Coach Capriee Tucker. “That’s our motto here in the school system and we genuinely believe that. And this was just one way that we could kick start that.”

Senior athletes like Chloe Jackson and Larry Howard didn’t mind taking a day from practice to say “Thank You” to those who support them in the stands every week.

“Its a good feeling,” said Jackson. “You know in the future they’re [elementary students] going to remember they had these athletes to come to their school and take the time out of their day and their practice time and their season to put in the work for them.”

“Growing up as a big brother I thought it was always best to be a good role model,” shared Howard, a running back for the Athens Golden Eagles. “Us going out today in the community is going to be a good role model example.”

The students stopped by surrounding elementary schools, The Boys and Girls Club, the local Family Resource Center, the Women’s Resource Center, and more!

Once the afternoon was complete, the teams and coaches returned to the school arena to reflect on the different areas of service as they hope to continue this program in the future.