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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) — In just one year at Athens High School, junior Tahjee’ Nelson made school history by becoming the first cadet from the school to be elected as the state president for Alabama JROTC programs.

From assistance with future plans for fellow cadets to the overall betterment of JROTC programs in the state, Nelson is hoping to set an example for future students to come.

“My job is not only to conduct the duties of the state president or to help lead the battalion, but it’s also to pave the way for the future cadets and the future officers,” Nelson told News 19.

Tahjee’ will begin state president duties for all JROTC programs in Alabama once the new school year begins in August. Athens Golden Eagles JROTC Instructor James Chambers believes Nelson has a prosperous future ahead.

“Seeing him and just seeing the potential I know he’s going to be very successful in whatever he chooses to do,” Chambers said.

Cadet Nelson credits his mother for his respect and overall character, something he carries within his everyday life.

“She has to keep a certain structure in our household, yes ma’am no ma’am those manners they play a big part in your life if someone does something thank you, please, those manners go a long way,” Nelson said.