Armyworms causing run on pesticides in north Alabama


MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – If you have a nice, green, lush lawn right now, consider yourself lucky.

Social media posts recently have garnered hundreds of comments – all over armyworms. The insects are nothing new to North Alabama, but many people are saying this is the worst they’ve ever seen them.

Shawn Hollis, president of pest control and lawn care company Wayne’s, called this year’s swarm “Armyworm-A-Geddon.” He says over the past three and a half days, their customer care center has gotten more than 7,000 phone calls. Most of those are about armyworms.

Madison County resident Phillip Lindsey says the worms have taken over his yard. He says the yard turned brown in about two days. Shortly after, he started seeing other people in his neighborhood post on social media, saying they were dealing with the same issue.

Hollis says armyworms are actually the larva form of moths. The moths find a vertical surface near a luscious green area to lay their eggs. This ensures there will be an ample food supply once the eggs turn into worms. That food supply is often your grass.

The Madison County Co-op says they’ve seen an increase in customers coming in with armyworms, and they’re having trouble keeping pesticides on the shelves. Hollis says if you are going to try to treat the armyworms by yourself, do it after mowing, and don’t water the lawn for 24-48 hours after treating.

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