Are wasps taking over? Tennessee Valley residents report unusually high wasp activity

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TENNESSEE VALLEY — A concerned viewer contacted us about wasps swarming around her house and neighborhood that are making it hard to go outside.

Kym Fredricksen lives in Hampton Cove and says the wasps are so bad she can’t make it to her mailbox without being attacked by the flying pests.

When she contacted the WHNT News 19 newsroom, several people here chimed in, saying they had similar experiences all over the Huntsville area.

We reached out to Ken Creel with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System to help shed some light on what is driving the insects wild.

“It’s perfectly usual. Whenever the weather cools down then warms up, that signals wasps to prepare for the winter,” Creel told us.

Our meteorologists say that highs will reach the middle 80s Monday, which is a whopping 15° warmer than normal! This warm weather is exactly what wasps look for to prepare for winter.

There’s little need to worry, though. As soon as the weather cools down again, the wasps will retreat for the winter.

Creel also said this is also the peak time for ladybugs to prepare for winter. Watch out for those critters trying to make it indoors!

Find out when the weather will cool down — and when the wasps will subside — on our weather blog,, by clicking here.

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