Apps To Help You Save Money


Apps To Save You Money

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Smartphones can do all kinds of things for you… even save you money! If you’re looking to stash away a few extra bucks each month, you might try downloading some of the following apps:

ATM Hunter – For Apple, Android and Windows phones, this app helps you locate nearby ATMs including service hours and surcharges

Grocery IQ – From, this app lets you search coupons on the go – so you’ll never miss out on a good discount while stocking your pantry.

Snip Snap – Scan and save digital versions of printed coupons. This app also reminds consumers when certain coupons will expire and sends alerts when you’re in a store with a corresponding coupon.

Carticipate – An app for those who aren’t shy, this tool helps you hook up with local carpoolers based on schedule, destination and location.

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