Apps To Help You Fix A Great Turkey And More

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Want to make hosting a Thanksgiving meal a little easier? Are you a seasoned cook eager to try out a new recipe? Or perhaps a first-time holiday meal maker? No matter what your circumstances, your smartphone or tablet can come in handy this holiday.

Check out some of these apps for help whipping up a great meal:

Thanksgiving Menu Maker – This iPad app helps you research recipes, make a shopping list and make a schedule of what to cook, when. There’s also a 911 feature to help you avoid some of the most common Turkey Day mistakes.

Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach – Great if you’re tackling a turkey for the first time. This app features clear, step-by-step instructions.

Thanksgiving Recipes App – This Android app can help you master the main dish and many traditional sides.

Cookbook Plus App – Butterball’s high-tech troubleshooting app offers instructional videos and recipes. There’s also a voice command feature so you don’t have to get your greasy fingers all over the electronics.

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