Annual “Trash Attack” event draws dozens of volunteers to Limestone County


LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – Volunteers are celebrating a job well done after a massive clean-up effort in Limestone County, and this year may be the most important effort yet.

“Litter shouldn’t be on the ground,” 8-year-old Brantley Taylor said.

That’s why Taylor and over 100 other volunteers spread out over 3 camps across the county, picking up the litter as part of this years’ annual “Trash Attack” county clean-up, hosted by “Keep Athens Limestone Beautiful.”

“This is our big event for the year. Keep America Beautiful sponsors the Great American clean up every year and this is part of that,” KALB Executive Director Leigh Patterson said.

“A lot of people have been littering, and I wanted to clean it up for them,” Taylor said.

He’s not the only one who has noticed a major trash build up in the area.

“With the pandemic, we’ve seen an increase in trash on the roadsides throughout Limestone County and honestly throughout the state and the country as well,” Patterson said.

She added it’s not necessarily because people are littering more than they were before COVID-19.

“We are unable to get state inmates out to help with that clean-up and people are people are noticing it now,” she said.

Patterson said as more people see the trash, their volunteer rate for smaller clean up events leading up to this one has actually increased, and she’s grateful to have help getting the issue under control.

“This is an important part of reflecting who we are as a community, and you know, it’s the little differences that make our place an attractive place to live and grow,” volunteer Matthew Urbanic said.

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