Annual run goes virtual to help support 9-year-old Albertville girl’s medical care

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. – Nonprofits and others in need are looking for new ways to keep raising money during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Many are turning to their annual runs and walks into virtual ones, including supporters of one nine-year-old Albertville girl living with a debilitating disease. 

Kamryn Brumbeloe was diagnosed with Niemann Pick disease type C at four-months-old. 

Kamryn’s mother Kayla Miller said it is basically a combination of Alzheimer’s, ALS, and Parkinson’s disease, but in a child. 

“Over time Neimann Pick takes away children’s ability to walk, talk, eat, many different things. It takes away their memory. With all the troubles that she has, she’s happy. And that’s the beauty of it, she doesn’t see the bad of it I don’t think. She just enjoys her life. We just take it day by day,” said Miller. 

Kamryn has already beat the life expectancy by three years, but the disease is costly. 

“There are different supplies we have to buy. Those in themselves those are all very expensive. But then there’s missing work and that’s a major thing because you miss for treatment, doctor’s visits, specialist visits, all these different things and then you’ve got gas, wheelchairs, walkers, braces,” explained Miller. 

There’s an annual 5K/10K in her honor, but the coronavirus is forcing them to change their plans. 

Going from an in-person, one day run to a month and a half long event. 

Participating is easier than ever before. Sign up online and take your time because participants have until October 31st to complete their selected distance. 

Money raised goes into the Kure for Kamryn medical fund. 

“Without that, it would be hard for us to live life normally at all. S,o this has allowed us to work to find a cure for her, to get her to treatments, to get her to appointments and completely support her. It makes us feel like we’re not alone in supporting her because we have the support of our community and that’s something that does mean the world to me,” added Miller. 

Registration ends September 20. Click here for more information. 

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