Annual ‘March for Babies’ held at Hudson Alpha in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Saturday, May 4th, hundreds of people gathered at Hudson Alpha in Huntsville to March for Babies.

Their mission is to raise money for March of Dimes, an organization dedicated to expanding programs and educating medical professionals to make sure that moms and babies get the best possible care.

March of Dimes also advocates for policies that prioritize their health and funds research to find solutions to the biggest health threats. They also want to support moms through every stage of the pregnancy journey.

Event organizers say March for Babies brings hope to families.

“An important time to bring together families and moms who have been through the NICU journey, who may have experienced loss and just come out and hope, remember, and celebrate all babies,” says March of Dimes Greater Alabama Executive Director Ashley Toms.

Toms says March for Babies is the largest annual fundraiser for March of Dimes.

About half a million babies are born premature or with birth defects in the U.S. each year. Hudson Black was one of those babies. His mother Sara Black says Hudson was her first child and the experience was terrifying.

“Hudson was born seven weeks early and weighed only four pounds and one ounce. I was not able to see him the first day of his life and we stayed in the NICU at St. Vincents for 16 days before he got to come home,” says Sara Black.

She says she walks in March for Babies to raise awareness.

“Before I had him I had no idea what all went into the NICU and all the different things about having a preemie baby,” says Black.

Black says March of Dimes does more than she ever realized.

“The awareness needs to be there.. especially for first moms. You never expect to bring home such a tiny baby… You just think you know they’re going to be normal,” says Black.

Black says now she will always support the organization that supported her when things didn’t go as planned.

March for Babies is the number one fundraiser for March of Dimes. To find out more information or make a donation, visit

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