Analyst: Economy Shows Solid Signs Of Improvement In 2014

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Right before Christmas, traders went into a frenzy, and we’ve seem them steadily shove the market right into the new year.

But can they carry the US economy into a boom in 2014?

Shari Burnum keeps a close watch on the trends.  She’s the lead advisor for the Investor’s Resource team in Madison.  It’s a Raymond James Financial Services office.

Burnum says, “The big picture is, we’re in a long-term slow trajectory upward cycle.  We just got a little extra pop, and that’s good.  And that’s got everybody in a good mood.”

So the view from Wall Street tells us things are good, if not that good.

But here’s the thing about all these analysts – they’ve got one thing in common.

“Everybody is up,” notes Burnum, “I’ve seen from as little as five-and-a-half percent per year in stocks to twelve.  Who’s right, who’s wrong, doesn’t matter.”

It’s hard to bear with traders who deal in bigger quantities of assets, while many of us struggle to make ends meet, but the trends established here push us forward too.

Burnum argues, “The point is, we’re moving forward.  The pace doesn’t matter as much.  This is a marathon.”

She goes on to explain that unemployment and housing markets remain the biggest problems for the economy on the whole, and the signs seem positive.  She notes, “Five year projections on housing is that housing will continue to strengthen.  Prices will continue to go up, and that’s really put a good underpinning to continued recovery.”

As long as the housing market continues to solidify, consumer spending should increase, which helps drive stock growth and reduce unemployment.

All promising signs that sprout from the cracks in Wall Street.

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