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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Alabama chapter of the American Red Cross would enjoy having a cool $50, 000 in its pocket.

“So $25,000 is going to help at least 20 families in this state when they lose their home to fire,” Lance Wave, American Red Cross Philanthropy Officer, said.

The state chapter is a finalist for two State Farm grants. One is for the Sound the Alarm. Save a Life. program which provides a way for the American Red Cross to install smoke detectors in high risk homes to make sure families are alerted and able to escape in the event of a home fire.

“They took all of their grant applications, whittled them down to 2,000, and then whittled them down again to 200,” Wave said. “We submitted two, and our two from the state of Alabama made the final 200 cut.”

The other grant goes to Giving Back to the Armed Forces and Veterans.

“When a soldier is deployed, or a service person or Department of Defense employee is deployed somewhere, if there is a family emergency, the family does not contact the military, they contact the American Red Cross,” Wave explained. “We verify that there’s an emergency. We then contact the military and we arrange to get that soldier home.”

To win the money, you just need an email address to vote online. The top 40 causes earn the $25,000 grants.

“You can vote 10 times all at one time,” Wave said.

One in six Americans, or their family members, will receive help from the American Red Cross in their lifetime. Now, there’s an easy opportunity to give back.

To vote for Sound the Alarm. Save a Life, go to For Giving Back to the Armed Forces and Veterans, click here.