American Freedom Foundation holds career fair for service members


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The first live hiring event in a year and a half for the American Freedom Foundation was held Wednesday. It aimed at helping service members, veterans, and military spouses find meaningful employment.

One of the men over the American Freedom Foundation (AFF) is the 12th Sergeant Major of the U.S. Army, Jack Tilley.

“I spent 36 years in the service, 16 trips to Afghanistan, three in Iraq, fighting on the streets of Saigon when I was 18, in the Pentagon for 9/11,” said SMA Tilley. “I know the kind of sacrifices our veterans make for our country so me and my good friend Ted Acker have dedicated our lives to do all we can to help our veterans each and every day.”

With so many businesses and employers looking to hire for open positions right now, SMA Tilley says some of the best candidates are veterans.

“Dedicated, loyal, motivated,” he describes. “I mean, all the great qualities that they learn in the military. Whatever company you have, I guarantee it… They’ll raise that level of your company.”

“Take a chance on a veteran. You won’t be let down,” said Torrey Vap, a retired Command Sergeant Major now working as an Academic Relationship Manager for Purdue Global, which partners with AFF.

He went on to say sometimes veterans might have a gap in their education, but they step in to help.

“A chief foreign officer four apache pilot came by today, recently retired,” said CSM Vap. “A chief foreign officer four is equivalent to a lieutenant colonel, right? And he’s been applying for jobs and applying for jobs but he doesn’t have a Bachelor’s Degree.”

He says they have programs that will maximize transfer credits to limit the courses needed to complete that degree.

“The good thing about hiring a veteran is they want to go to work,” said CSM Vap.

If you missed the career fair and are looking for help with employment, SMA Tilley says you can reach out to AFF by contacting them directly through their online contact form.

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