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HUNTSVILLE, AL-   Shopping around the holidays is stressful, shopping with a loved one with Alzheimer’s can often add to the stress. That’s why Kroger has associates at every store trained specifically to recognize and assist shoppers with Alzheimer’s.

“We’re able to help them better. It allows us to show them appreciation for their business,” said district manager Tregg Player.

Willie Brunetti’s wife has dementia, he says having a regular grocery store with associates who can help his wife helps make the everyday struggle a little easier.

“Trying to keep it slow and easy not confusing them, keeping them on task…it’s easier that way. They know where we’re going, what we’re doing, what we’re buying,” said Brunetti.

Just knowing associates have the training to know what you may be going through while shopping with your loved ones with Alzheimer’s is enough to put any shopper’s mind at ease.

“Dementia is the only disease that nobody survives from and its like having a body your loved one no longer lives in and to have someone who understands that concept and is not at all upset, it’s just a lot easier to have someone that says yes i understand,” said Brunetti.

Kroger associates were trained through a Home Instead Senior Care program. If your business would like to go through similar training,  call 256-513-2807.