Alpha Instincts Dog Training teams up with local shelters

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Alpha Instincts Dog Training is teaming up with local shelters to help make dogs who need a little extra help more adoptable.

“Right now we focus primarily on pet obedience and rehabilitating dogs. So we take in a lot of aggressive dogs, dogs who are gonna be put down in shelters,” said trainer Nick Sutton.

“It’s cool cause I can fix peoples lives like that. Their dog is so, is such a fundamental part of their life. That’s what I really enjoy doing. I like seeing the whole transformation behind everything,” said Sutton.

“We do so much more than just having a dog sit or down. We not only put in the foundation of the obedience but we also blossom them, and show them, and give them confidence,” said trainer Bailee Phillips.

“We are trying to rehabilitate a lot of these dogs, get these dogs back in with a new family and everything. You know that’s what we want. We want to see happy and healthy dogs that are confident, you know, that listen passionately that want to do things for their owners, so that’s why A New Leash on Life is awesome with us because they’re out there getting the dogs we wanna work with,” said Sutton.

“And it’s not just limited to A New Leash on Life, Friends of Rescue is welcome… Athens Limestone Shelter… they’ve sent us a few referrals even to our program, so anybody that has a case, we are offering a rescue discount. We are more than welcome to help these dogs come into our program, rehabilitate, send us the aggressive cases that you don’t think are adoptable. We’ll let you know,” said trainer Rachel Moore.

“All these dogs, every time you go into a shelter, all these dogs need is a little bit of help. And if you’re willing to look for that help, you know, you’re gonna make their lives better,” said Moore.

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