Almost 10,000 shoes, socks, and underwear donated for Madison County foster children and families

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – A fundraiser took place Monday at the Madison County Department of Human Resources to help those in need.

The Madison County Foster and Adoptive Parent Association (MCAFAPA) held a clothing drive called “Drop Your Drawers… and Socks Too” to help foster kids and families who are in need of new clothes.

Boxes were placed all over Madison County for donation sites. In only a few weeks, almost ten thousand shoes, socks, and underwear were donated.

MCAFAPA received a large grant from Quantitech and their employees, socks donated from Zkano, and discounted athletic shoes of all sizes from Academy Sports + Outdoors. The remainder of the donations came from people around Madison County.

“That’s why MCAFAPA exists, is really to help families, fostered, adopted, kinship families in the area. So it means a lot to us. All of us that’s on the board are all pretty much foster parents, adoptive parents, kinship families, so it impacts us as well as those around us,” said Brandon Bishop, Vice President of Marketing/Fundraising for MCAFAPA.

The donated items will be placed in the MCAFAPA Clothing Closet at the Madison County Department of Human Resources on Oakwood Ave.

Each child will receive a bag with an entire week’s worth of clothing inside.

MCAFAPA is one of several county organizations all under the parent non-profit organization, the Alabama Foster and Adoptive Parent Association (AFAPA). AFAPA and its county organizations help foster, kinship, and adoptive parents through training, education, advocacy, promoting and encouraging parents who are wanting to be or have become parents through foster, adoptive, or kinship ways.

AFAPA works closely with all 67 county Department of Human Resources on ways to improve the lives of children who are brought into care.

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