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(WHNT) — The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) reported fewer traffic and boating-related deaths over this Labor Day weekend than in previous years.

According to a news release, troopers investigated four traffic deaths and no boating deaths over the holiday weekend, which officially spanned from 12:01 a.m. on Friday, September 3 to midnight on Monday, September 6.

Last year, ALEA reported three traffic deaths and one drowning, continuing the downward trend from 2019’s ten traffic fatalities.

ALEA Secretary Hal Taylor says one of the factors contributing to the lower fatality rate is more troopers and other personnel patrolling state roadways and waterways.

“This is a trend we will strive to achieve as we are more determined than ever to reach our goal of zero traffic and boating-related fatalities throughout holiday weekends,” Taylor stated. “We are unequivocally dedicated in our mission and overall goal of ensuring that everyone makes it safely home to their loved ones.”

Despite fewer deaths, troopers say they issued 26 DUIs on roadways and two BUIs on waterways. Monday, September 6 was the only day without a traffic-related death.