ALDOT hosts class to help keep first responders safe at traffic incidents


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Alabama Department of Transportation hosted a class in North Alabama to teach first responders how to stay safe on the scene of traffic incidents.

Working crashes account for 20% of on-duty firefighter deaths per year and are the second leading cause of accidental law enforcement officer death. 44 emergency responders working a crash were struck and killed in 2019.

The week of November 8 is National Crash Responder Safety Week and ALDOT is trying to help keep first responders safe through a Traffic Incident Management Class.

ALDOT’S Traffic Incident Management Master Trainer Glenn Taylor is a retired state trooper. He said first responders need to do everything they can to protect themselves when helping others on the road.

“Every day, seven days a week, first responders anybody that responds to a traffic incident is putting themselves at risk to injury or death,” Taylor said. “A traffic incident can be anything from an abandoned vehicle on the side of the road to a multi-vehicle major crash. What they are learning in this class is how to manage that. To safely get that off the roadway as quickly and safely as possible.”

Taylor added the best way drivers can help keep first responders safe is to pay attention to the road and not get distracted.

“Teaching first responders how to manage incidents quickly and safely is the core of this training,”
Taylor said. “For every minute that an incident stays on a roadway, there’s a 2.8% chance of
a secondary incident.”

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