ALDOT continues to pump water off Alabama 101 and Co. Hwy 46


LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. – The intersection of Alabama 101 and County Highway 406 which is north of Town Creek, has been closed since February 10th because of flooding.

“This sort of flooding is a very rare occurrence and it just so happens that it occurred this February and last February,” said Seth Burkett with the Alabama Department of Transportation’s North Region.

Seth Burkett with the Alabama Department Of Transportation says the area doesn’t drain well so they had to bring in heavy machinery, a 10-inch diesel pump and 4,000 feet of hose.

“We are pumping water at a rate of maybe about 3,000 gallons a minute on average and we’re pumping it up over the hill into the creek system,” said Burkett.

Burkett says while the water has gone down significantly since they started pumping, there’s still no specific timeline for when the road will be reopened.

“I would say absolute best case scenario a week of pumping. But probably more than that. You know, we may be pumping for two or three weeks,” said Burkett.

When water is off the roadways, ALDOT will remove barricades and allow local traffic through while they continue to pump water out of the low lying areas near the roads.

“Last year, we allowed a little more time for it to dry off before we opened it to commercial traffic,” said Burkett.

Burkett says the timeline for opening the road could continue to shift depending on if it continues to rain in the area.

ALDOT says before last February the two roads haven’t needed to be closed due to floods in almost nearly 30 years.

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