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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. — It’s the day after a deadly shooting at Mueller Company devastated the Albertville community.

Two men, Michael Lee Dobbins and David Lee Horton, died in the shooting Tuesday. Two others, Casey Sampson and Isaac Byrd, remain hospitalized in Chattanooga. The gunman, Andreas Deon Horton, was found in Guntersville, dead by suicide.

The horrific incident is breaking the hearts of those in Marshall County, and News 19 spoke with many living in the area to get their thoughts. Most said they were shocked.

The shooter, along with all four victims, lived in Marshall County and worked at the Mueller Plant.

From walking around downtown Albertville, you get the sense of community. And that’s exactly what everyone said.

The community of Albertville is tight-knit and something like this happening to their neighbors, co-workers, friends is something they wouldn’t have imagined.

“I just didn’t believe that something like that would hit here so, so close to home and I’ve been here 72 years and it’s just really devastating,” said Reba Cofield.

“As most people know, Mueller and our city tie together and it’s a close-knit group,” said Deidra Tidwell. “I’ve toured the plant many times and I know that there’s a lot of hardworking people represented there, and families. So it was hard to believe that it happened so close to home.”

Cofield and Tidwell said they have complete trust in the Albertville Police Department to do their job and get to the bottom of such a horrific tragedy.