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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. — It’s day two of the investigation into the deadly shooting at Mueller Company in Albertville.

Two men, Michael Lee Dobbins and David Lee Horton, died in the shooting Tuesday. Two others, Casey Sampson and Isaac Byrd remain hospitalized in Chattanooga. The gunman, Andreas Deon Horton, was found in Guntersville dead by suicide.

Albertville Police continues to work with several agencies, including the FBI to get to the bottom of why this tragedy happened.

To not hinder the police investigation, Assistant Chief JT Cartee couldn’t dive into many details, but he said right now, the investigation is extremely active.

Crime scene investigation at Mueller was completed Tuesday.

Wednesday, investigators focused on talking to anybody and everybody they could, such as family members and co-workers, to get down to the question everybody wants to know… Why.

Assistant Chief Cartee spoke on the most difficult part of investigating such a large incident:

“So many different directions right now. You’ve got to understand… you might interview one person and that’s going to lead you to two or three others. What they’re going to do is they’re going to interview until there’s no one else to tell them anything, and that’s how that process works but it could be long and drawn out. You got to understand too… these people are not sitting in your office waiting to be interviewed, you have to sometimes find them.”

Asst. Chief JT Cartee

Cartee said last he heard, the two surviving victims were still in critical condition so they can’t speak with police just yet. But of course, they will get to tell their side of the story soon.

The Albertville Police Department is asking the community to keep all victims and their families in prayer.