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ALBERTVILLE, Ala.- An anonymous donor is giving the Albertville police and fire departments each a new drone.

Albertville city leaders presented the departments with the new equipment at the city council meeting Monday night.

Assistant Police Chief JT Cartee told News 19 the departments were planning to buy one drone and share it, so they are both thankful for the donation.

The drone is lightweight, quick to assemble, and has thermal imaging, exterior lighting and a speaker attachment.

Cartee said it can be used to oversee large events or in emergency situations like standoffs, searches for missing people, or car crashes.

He said the fire department can use it to check on hotspots at fires or during assessments of fire damage.

“It’s a nice piece of equipment that really the city would have a hard time affording but it’s going to be a big service to our citizens,” explained Cartee.

This is the first drone, the Albertville Police Department has gotten.

Several officers, some who already have drone experience, have already expressed interest in getting official drone training.