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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. – A Boaz woman and her family are now forced to come to terms with the fact that more than $5,000 of her money may be gone for good.

Freida Moss, 87, took care of everything for her funeral before the time came.

“I had my stone paid for, I had my funeral paid for, nothing for the kids to worry about when I passed away,” said Moss.

However, now that money may be gone.

“My mother’s worked all her life then she goes through cancer. She was going to use the money from cancer policy to do this to help her daughters and it just makes me mad that somebody can do the senior citizens that way,” explained Moss’s daughter Deborah Gaskin.

They tell News 19 that within the last few weeks the Albertville Funeral Home has closed.

The owner and general manager, Brent Durbin, known as ‘Durbo’ in the community, according to his obituary, died on April 10, 2021.

Now, any staff that remains are not taking calls no one can tell Moss if she will have her money returned.

“It’s just unbelievable really. I would have never dreamed that I would lose it and this is not just for me, it’s for everybody that has a policy with them. And they’re all probably like me, fixed incomes. You can’t even think about getting another policy because the money’s gone. You don’t have anymore,” said Moss.

She has all copies of the cashier’s check and the arrangement contract.

They are hoping the documents, along with the Department of Insurance, can help them get at least some of the money back, not only for them but for other families as well.

Alabama Department of Insurance Public Information Officer Jennifer Bowen tells News 19 their legal authority regarding funeral homes is extremely limited, but they are reviewing the situation to determine what, if any, authority it has in this matter.