Albertville Fire and Rescue receives new truck, cordless equipment


ALBERTVILLE, Ala. – Albertville Fire and Rescue showed off its newest additions to WHNT News 19 Thursday. After ten months of waiting, firefighters received their newest engine in and some high-tech gear to go with it.

The new $700,000 engine holds about 600 gallons of water and will be used for crashes and other medical calls.

It features cordless, battery powered tools like the jaws of life, which is beneficial for firefighters because they are not limited to the length of rope connected to the truck like the old gear was.

The engine that this is replacing is about 16-years-old and was having some issues.

“It starts having mechanical issues where it starts to cost more fixing it than getting a new one. There’s some valves that may leak or doesn’t work. We had that happen the other night, we couldn’t get one discharges to open. Time to replace it,” said Captain Brent Ennis.

Last year, Albertville Fire and Rescue responded to about 3,600 total calls, most of which were medical-related.

Ennis explained to WHNT News 19 that while the new gear and truck are better for them right now, the engine likely will not last as long as the ones made in the past.

The older engine will be used in a reserve capacity.

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