Albertville family concerned about driver safety near overgrown property


ALBERTVILLE, Ala.- An overgrown property at the corner of Faulkner Street and Baltimore Avenue in Albertville has some residents concerned.

They say the tall grass is dangerous for drivers who cannot see past it through the intersection.

“It’s an eyesore. It’s dangerous,” said Christina Teal. “If you ever pull out of that intersection, looking to the left there is a strong curve and the grass is tall and you just can’t see. Just two weeks ago, there was an accident there where a car pulled out. They think it hit a truck and then hit another truck.”

Teal told News 19 that she grew up just down the street from the home with her mom and dad. She moved to Jackson County, but they still live in her childhood home.

“It’s a very, very busy intersection. It’s right off Wagner Drive. It’s the cut-through for everybody. People fly up and down through there,” said Teal.

Teal said she and her family have complained numerous times to the mayor and abatement office but were told there is not much that can be done yet by the latest property owner due to property laws.

“When it’s a safety issue, you would think that the city and the mayor of Albertville and those that have the ability to at least do what needed to be done for safety of their county,” said Teal.

Teal told News 19 after letting the Abatement Office know a call was put into News 19, part of the property was mowed.

However, she wants the cleanup to be consistent and not put off until another crash.

“I’m worried, you know, that one day, they’re going to look and the grass is going to be hindering their view and they’re going to pull out and I’m going to have to see my parents in the hospital or dead over a grass issue that could be easily fixed,” explained Teal.

News 19 spoke with workers at the Abatement Office who said they have crews clean up properties similar to this as soon as they can once they get calls or complaints.

News 19 calls to the Revenue Commission regarding the property laws have not been returned.

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