Alabama receiving over 40K doses of Johnson & Johnson shot, but holding off on vaccine eligibility expansion


MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Alabama will receive 40,100 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine this week, according to a release from the Alabama Department of Health.

Dr. Landers of the ADPH told News 19 that the additional doses likely will not be enough to prompt the State to expand vaccine eligibility anytime soon.

“All of us are anxious to move forward, but we certainly to have to look at where the supply is at the moment,” said Dr. Landers.

For the moment, Dr. Landers said the combined supply of Pfizer, Moderna, and now J & J vaccine is simply too small to move Alabama into its next phase of eligibility.

That decision is partly based on ongoing uncertainty around when the State will get its next shipment of the J & J vaccine. Landers said J & J expects to produce 20 million doses of its vaccine by the end of March.

“That’s still not a huge amount, when we would probably receive point-four percent of the vaccine,” said Dr. Landers.

The release says the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an Emergency Use Authorization for the J & J single-dose COVID-19 vaccine for individuals 18 years of age and older.

The vaccine will not be used to target a specific population but will go through our normal allocation process of identifying providers that are next in line to receive the vaccine, according to the ADPH.

The average weekly allocation of first doses received in Alabama will increase this week due to the Johnson & Johnson shipment.  

ADPH said that at this time, it will be a one-time allotment, and they do not know when the state will receive an additional Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

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