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Alabama is next to last on the list of best and worst states, according to the new rankings from US News and World Report.

The Best States ranking of states compiles thousands of data points to decide how well states are taking care of their citizens.  Health care, education, the state’s economy, roads, bridges, internet and other infrastructure, public safety, the fiscal stability of state government, and opportunity are factors in determining which state is the ‘best’.

Alabama ranked 49th, beating Louisiana.

Bottom 10 states:

41. Pennsylvania

42. South Carolina

43. Oklahoma

44. Alaska

45. Arkansas

46. New Mexico

47. West Virginia

48. Mississippi

49. Alabama

50. Louisiana

The 10 ‘best’ states were: Washington State, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Utah, Vermont, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, Nebraska, and Colorado.

Alabama ranked last in Education.

Alabama rankings: 

  • 23rd in the state’s fiscal stability
  • 35th in natural environment
  • 38th in infrastructure
  • 45th in economy
  • 45th in opportunity for residents
  • 45th in crime and corrections
  • 46th in healthcare
  • 50th in education

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