Alabama residents 75 and up can start getting vaccinated Jan. 18


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The Alabama Department of Public Health made a major announcement Friday regarding who can get access to the COVID-19 vaccine. Beginning Jan. 18, Alabama residents 75 and older can start getting vaccinations, via an appointment.

It is clear there is tremendous interest and concern about the virus. Residents in the 75 and up age group have been hit hardest by COVID-19.

The Alabama Department of Public Health has put an initial list of sites where the vaccine will be available via appointment. We have the complete list on our website.

The number to call for an appointment, through the Alabama Department of Public Health, if you’re 75 or older or a first-responder is (855) 566-5333. That’s set to be open 8 am to 5 pm, seven days a week.

ADPH said today their appointment system has been overwhelmed by more than 338,000 calls. Dr. Karen Landers of the Alabama Department of Public Health explained the process.

“The Alabama Department of Public Health has adopted an appointment system, because we do not feel that having persons come and wait in line, or even, what we’ve seen in other states, persons camping out overnight, we did not feel like that was the best experience for our seniors, so we wanted to do this in an orderly manner,” Landers said.

“The number that is on the news release (855-566-5333) is for persons who want to be vaccinated through the Alabama Department of Public Health local health departments. Hospitals, pharmacies, other private entities, who have, or will have vaccine, will have their own number to be able to be called for appointments.”

There are nearly 350,000 residents in Alabama, 75 and up, so this will be a massive undertaking, that will take time to work through.

We will keep you updated as new phone numbers and locations emerge.

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