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UNITED STATES — Road safety is on the top-of-mind for many as summer road trips are coming up, and it should be.

According to WhistleOut and We Save Lives, June 9-Sept. 12 are the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer, according to their study. The study showed an average of 260 teens are killed in car crashes each month during the summer which is an increase of 26%, compared with the other months of the year.

In the press release they said that over 60% of teen crashes are caused by distracted driving. The state of Alabama ranks 2nd in the nation in worst states for distracted driving.

Other states on the list include: Kentucky, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, with New Mexico topping the list for worst distracted driving.

Arkansas is the least distracted state in the nation, even though the state has only enacted a partial handheld phone ban. The ban is only in place in work and school zones. Others on that list are New York, Alaska, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. Tennessee is also on this list at number eight.

You can view the full report and list of all 50 states ranked from least to most distracted here.