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HUTNSVILLE, Ala.- Alabama currently sits at number 16 on Background‘s list of states with the worst DUI problem.

The organization used CDC, Department of Transportation, local and state data to make the list. The organization said it’s devoted to public safety and security. Others devoted to public safety include the Huntsville Police Department.

In 2015 they arrested 1,071 people for DUIs and in 2016 they arrested 893 people. “If you look over the last 15 years or so, you are going to see for the most part the Huntsville Police Department always ranks at the top as far as cities in Alabama with DUI arrests,” Lt. Bates said.

He said just because the Rocket City has a high number of arrests it doesn’t mean more DUI’s are occurring here. They are enforcing more DUIs. “A lot of that can be attributed to the fact we do have a DUI task force, who`s primary job is to detect and enforce DUI laws,” Lt.Bates said.

Background is committed to stopping impaired drivers and the Huntsville Police Department has the same mission so the roads can be safer.