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ARDMORE, Ala. (WHNT) — Before pecans make it to your table in a pie, someone has to do the hard work.

The Alabama Pecan Growers Association (APGA) knows a thing or two about that. But with pecan growers across the state facing similar challenges, one North Alabama orchard was able to show the association how they get the job done.

The APGA made a rare visit to North Alabama during their annual summer tour. Newberry Pecan Orchard hosted the group and showed them why their pecans have a little personality.

“We’re just so honored and humbled that they would even think about coming up here,” Newberry Pecan Orchard Manager Joe Newberry told News 19.

The Newberry Orchard started almost 30 years ago when Joe and his father planted 40 pecan trees. After Joe’s father passed away, they had to reconstruct the land – but a handful of trees were saved. Ever since hundreds of pecan trees have been planted – to help share with pecan lovers.

Each year, the Newberry family manages to produce more than 2,000 pounds of pecans across three plots of land in Ardmore. From the unique irrigation system to their American Advertising Award-winning packaging, Newberry staff say their pecans will make you go nuts!

The association’s president Terry Landry believes it’s important to share problem-solving techniques across the board.

“As agriculture changes, there’s new technology all the time and that’s what we’re here today to learn, what other farmers do so that we can take that back home to our own orchards and incorporate that so that we can be more successful,” Landry said.

Newberry found their use of a unique irrigation system helps combat summer temperatures and keeps their pecan trees hydrated. The sprinkler “wobbles” as it releases water, covering a wider range of the orchard.

Sharing these strategies and more with fellow pecan growers, Newberry said will benefit the entire state.

“I think this is a way to really bring collaboration together for the entire state of growers of pecans; and that’s what we do here at Newberry Pecans in Ardmore, Alabama,” Newberry said.

You can learn more about Newberry Pecans and purchase some of their pecans on their website.