ALABAMA (WHNT) — It’s no sur-fries, Alabamians love their fast food!

One beloved chicken chain, however, reigned supreme as the state’s favorite. That’s right, Chick-fil-A is still going strong in the hold it has on the heart of the south.

Data gathered across multiple search engines and other internet magic provided all the details for fast-food restaurants across the country.

Alabama is joined by Georgia, Mississippi and North Carolina as the states that just can’t get enough of the pickle-brined chicken and waffle fries (yes, even despite those pesky resolutions).

Starbucks was favored in 24 states, with McDonald’s a close second as the top choice in 22 states.

(Courtesy of Betsperts)

You might be wondering which state has the most fast-food restaurants – but wonder no more! Alabama takes the grease-laden cake with 6.3 establishments per 10,000 people. It wasn’t even a close call to second place Nebraska, ringing in at 5.4 fast-food joints in the state.

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Vermont came in with the least amount of chains, with 1.9 restaurants per 10,000 people. New Jersey, Mississippi and New York also had the fewest.

Search data also revealed that McDonald’s is the most popular fast-food chain in the world with 29 countries favoriting the classic golden arches. Starbucks was the top choice in four countries, and Domino’s was favored most in Iceland and New Zealand.

The United States is home to nearly 9,000 more Mickey D’s restaurants than any other country in the world, with a total of 13,257 restaurants across the country. Australia comes in second with 37.5 McDonald’s per 1 million people, and Canada lands in third with 36.4 golden arches per 1 million residents.

(Courtesy of Betsperts)

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