CONTENT WARNING: This is a sample of complaints people across Alabama made to the FCC in 2021 regarding what they saw on TV. Some of these comments may be insensitive or hurtful to readers. Reader discretion is advised.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — On September 29, 2021, a Mobile, Alabama resident wrote the following complaint to the Federal Communications Commission.

“You seriously make me want to shoot up a McDonalds with your illegal sound effects,” the complaint read. “They are much louder than the movie. It’s g—— ILLEGAL.”

A complaint about a loud commercial was one of hundreds the FCC received from Alabama residents during 2021, according to 241 pages of complaints the federal organization provided to CBS 42. Over the course of the year, Alabama TV viewers complained to the FCC about everything from the Grammys to inappropriate commercials, and even too many commercials at times.

The full report can be read at the end of this story.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion at the Grammys

  • “The performance by Cardi B and a Megan Thee Stallion exceeds your standards for decency in broadcasting. It was a more than inappropriate five minutes of sexual pantomime. It was disgusting.” (March 14, Pelham)
  • “Megan Thee Stallion/Cardi B performance was disgusting. Kids watch these shows. Producers should have known. Unacceptable.” (March 14, Chelsea)
  • “Content aired during the Grammy Award ceremony on CBS last night, March 14, 2021, was horribly offensive. In particular, the performance by the artist Cardi B included simulated sex by two women who were barely clothes.” (March 15, Phenix City)
  • “Indecency. Not appropriate for children. Over sexualized. Women dry humping, using slang terms for their bodies, describing sex organs.” (March 16, West Blocton)
  • “CardiB and Megan thee Stallion’s grotesque, pornographic peformance during CBS’s 14 Mar Grammy Award Broadcast.” (March 16, Montgomery)
  • “The 2021 Grammys live was a pour display of inappropriate sexual content and language for family viewing on regular prime time tv hours. FCC should hold the Grammy’s accountable now, and for the future to not allow this trash to continue.” (March 17, Columbiana)
  • “I am horrified by the performance of WAP that was aired on the Grammy’s this year. The imaging was beyond vulgar & sexually explicit – it was pornographic. The lyrics to the song are the most offensive and vile that I have ever heard. No amount of word changing and bleeping can change that or soften the messaging. I can not believe that this was allowed to be played for a prime time audience. The Grammy’s are billed as a family show, and children are watching. I am not a prude, but I do not wish to watch such vile trash, and certainly do not want my children exposed to this as if it is normal, “mainstream” content because it certainly is not.” (March 17, Birmingham)
  • “The Carlie B performance on The Grammy’s was not appropriate for television and is not how women should be dancing and exposing themselves as we try to deal with the MeToo Movement.” (March 17, Birmingham)
  • “The performance of WAP is nothing less than pornography. I cannot believe that the FCC condoned the showing of this “song” on television period, much less prime time television. Please censor such “performances” in the future.” (March 17, Sterrett)
  • “What was allowed on the Grammys was a lesbian sex scene being simulated on television.” (March 18, Pelham)
  • “Do not display soft porn on national television. Specifically Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion performance on the Grammys 2021.” (March 19, Tuscaloosa)
  • “The Grammy awards portrayed a filthy, sequexually explicit dance routine with Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B. Along with horrible lyrics to their “song”. (March 19, Madison)
  • “As a mother of 3 children and a citizen of the United States of 50 years, I am sickened and appalled that the performance was allowed on regular prime time television. It speaks volumes about how low those governing television are willing to drop their values and morales in order to get attention and ratings. American is sick and this agency should not add to its diseased culture. If my kids had seen it, I would file a lawsuit. Fortunately I stopped allowing television in my home because it is no longer safe since those who are supposed to be protecting our kids from harm have no values or morals any longer. You allow sex scenes and vulgarity to play freely so my kids cannot leave and grow from television the way many of us did as kids. It is not safe and this agency is largely responsible for that.” (March 23, Homewood)

Loud Commercials

  • “The volume on ads is extremely louder than the volume set on the show. People are trying to sleep, have sensory issues, sleeping babies and children, etc and this is extremely inconsiderate and unnecessary. Just keep the volume at what the consumer sets it at.” (Jan. 2, Enterprise)
  • “Every Hulu commercial is three times louder than the program.” (Jan. 21, Sheffield)
  • “Ads on Hulu are extremely loud. I have to mute the TV every time an ad comes on. They are way louder than they should be and especially compared to the TV volume when watching a show or movie.” (Jan. 30, Helena)
  • “Charter Communications is her carrier FOX HBO STARS ABC CBS NBC and all the other stations are blaring all of the commercials three times louder than the programing. Resolution: She wants this to stopped for the protection of our ears.” (Feb. 19, Tuscaloosa)
  • “I have to mute my television every single time I use Hulu because the commercials are so loud I feel like it’s going to burst my speakers. This happens every day.” (May 5, Pell City)

‘Too Many Commercials’


‘Offensive’ commercials

  • “The commercial for Phexxi is so inappropriate. No no one wants to hear the word vagina outside a doctors office or the bathroom. You don’t see viagra commercials saying “ hi this is your penis calling” I don’t know how it got approved but it’s over the top & will not cause anyone to buy Phexxi.” (Oct. 31, Wilsonville)
  • “The preview of Resident Evil came on during Monday Night Football. It was extremely gruesome and inappropriate for children, who were watching with me.” (Nov. 22, Fairhope)


  • “Could you please have the word g——– bleeped out on all shows. You can’t use the F word, or say s— but every other word being said on tv is (gd). You bleep out other cuss words. Please bleep it out also. It is the worst thing anyone should ever say and people are throwing it out there way to often. Please just bleep it out! Thank you for listening.” (June 25, Huntsville)
  • “On 10/31/2021, Nascar was live broadcast nationwide on NBC networks. Driver Denny Hamlin, after the race, during a live interview with reporters said the “F” word when speaking of another driver after the race. I believe NBC, Nascar and the driver should be fined for this as it was during a time when family enjoys television.” (Nov. 1, Selma)

Fake News

  • “Some kind of action is needed against these companies that are censoring our President, we as the people of the United States have a thing called Freedom of Speech….please do something, now they are censoring our Senators also…this is not right.” (Jan. 12, Meridianville)
  • “This isn’t so much a complaint, but curious of the responsibility and jurisdiction of the FCC on Propoganda and Opinion shows and networks that are deceptively using “News” in their title. As misinformation is at an all time high, it seems that this is giving credibility to less than credible sources. Thanks for your feedback.” (Feb. 17, Alabama)
  • “CNN is deliberately reporting false information. Even when faced with the truth they never apologize  for misleading people. Also, they were recorded on video saying they deliberately reported news in a way that would hurt Trump and help Biden. CNN should be fined at best and removed from the airwaves at worst. We should be able to trust the news.” (May 20, Fort Payne)

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell

  • “We are NOT being shown the real news. Our news is nothing more than distorted since they were not willing to show the Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium that may prove our election was not fair.” (Aug. 13, Flat Rock)
  • “None of the local news channels in central alabama covered the Mike Lindel imposioum that proved the ccp had ahand in stealing the 2020 election, any that i found or saw that even mentioned it downplayed the seriousness. I have had enough of the bias news in my state. So much so i have stopped watching due to lack of faith or trust in the news.” (Aug. 14, Jasper)

Stephen A. Smith

  • “Stephen A. Smith constantly uses profanity on First Take and all shows he is own. He is loud and blistering, and constantly uses profanity on the shows. this is unacceptable especially for our youth and sports fans. ESPN seems to take no action with this. Stephen A. Smith needs to be removed from TV he constantly attacks athletes and assingnate their character.” (Nov. 22, Normal)

Don Lemon

  • “CNN Don Lemmon- inciting hate speech, threatening manner against all Voters who did not vote liberal. He is calling us klan members, supporting concentration camps, and others. He has no proof of this allegation. This is in no doubt hate speech against many law abiding Americans. Take him down, censor his hate speeches.” (Jan. 18, Mobile)

Tucker Carlson

  • “this guy in his latest rant has told people ro go up to masked persons and harass them because they r wearing a mask. this is violence on another person, because as we already have seen from the lie that the election was stolen from trump, people stormed the capitol and injured and killed people… words matter. this is just carlson’s ;atest bad… he does it all the time, then screams he didnt mean it… well he needs to be off the air… especially after his latest on masks… we are in a haelth country/ world crisis… he should embrace it and spread the word, to do things, so we can get thru it…” (April 28, Foley)

‘Kevin Can F**k Himself

  • “AMC network recently came out with a new show called “Kevin Can Go F**K himself”. It’s very obvious what the F**K is and means. Even today in our permissive society this would offend about 98% of TV viewers. It would not be censorship to stop AMC from using this word in a TV program title. It would be just common decency to prohibit the use of curse words to shock TV viewers!” (June 14, Helena)
  • “This Channel has been broadcasting on DIRECT TV for the last 2 weeks ie; Kevin can go Fxxk himself , constantly displayed in the lower right corner in BOLD letter , I have Grandchildren, and This should not be allowed 24 hrs a day And AMC , should be reprimanded for its irresponsible action toward the Public Domain public Television, ty.” (June 17, Foley)

Peyronie’s Disease

  • “Peyronie’s Disease may be real, but do we really need to see vegetables used to show their misshapen possibilities? We’re trying to get kids interested in eating healthy and these commercials are horrible and uncomfortable! Watching WGN before 6pm, on a Friday is downright vulgar!” (Jan. 15, Boaz)


  • “Can you find and release Christian oriented broadcasting on cable and regular television for an immaculately conceived birth coming? It would help the situation in America for the immaculate birth coming in August of 2021. Do you need scientific verification by doctors amniocentesis records to do this? I have tried to send it to politicians so email me back or I’ll write you tomorrow about how to get the physical records. Saturate the media with Christian overtones please we have had as a family enough theft abuse sexual abuse and being locked up. Thank you (redacted) Immaculately Conceived (June 8, Mobile)
  • “There is a beoing satilite following me and communication.” (Jan. 7, Columbia)

CONTENT WARNING: The full FCC report is unedited and contains material that may be insensitive or inappropriate for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

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