COFFEE COUNTY, Ala (WDHN) — Bama Slam Saloon is facing a federal lawsuit alleging the bar illegally broadcasted a fighting program.

According to the lawsuit, Joe Hand Promotions holds the exclusive rights to Ultimate Fighting Championship, a pay-per-view program showing mixed martial arts fighting.

The production company claims Bama Slam Saloon illegally obtained the fighting broadcast by either pirating the signal or buying it under the ruse that it would be used at home, but instead used it for the business and showed it to patrons.

Defendents (Bama Slam Saloon/ Ronald Gilley) knew, or should have known, the interception and/or receipt and exhibition of the program at their Establishment was not authorized. Defendents (Bama Slam Saloon/ Ronald Gilley) intentionally pirated or assisated in the intentional piracy of the Program for the sole purpose of their own economic gain.

Federal Lawsuit

Bama Slam owner Ronald “Ronnie” Gilley says he hasn’t seen the lawsuit but doesn’t know of any situation where his business has not paid its copyright bills.

We purchased fights from this same production company in 2021 with no problems what so ever.

Ronald Gilley

Joe Hand Promotions is asking a federal judge for statutory damages up to $150,000.

Along with the Saloon, Bama Slam, located north of Enterprise, has a mud park, trail, waterpark, RV park, campground, and music venue.