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MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Alabama Speaker of the House Mac McCutcheon announced the Alabama Legislature will resume its 2020 regular session on May 4.

McCutcheon, R-Monrovia, said the legislature will only address funding bills and local legislation.

“Alabamians have always risen to meet the challenge and the historic economy that our state once enjoyed can be rebuilt and made even stronger,” McCutcheon said during a press conference Thursday.

McCutcheon said the state finance director estimates $1 billion has been lost due to the economic shutdown

By law, the legislature will continue to meet until May 18. Due to the limited time remaining, McCutcheon said the scope of the issues they discuss will be narrowed down.

“Drafting a general fund, an education budget … education trust fund budget that reflects our current economic climate is our constitutional obligation and will be our top priority,” McCutcheon said. “Addressing local legislation that has been advertised in our cities and towns and counties will also rank to be included in the work agenda. We have received a firm commitment from Senate leadership that the state budget and local bills will be the only matters discussed, debated and voted upon in the remainder of this session.”

“Our goal for the remainder of this session is to conduct the people’s business and to position Alabama to repair the economic damage that has been done,” McCutcheon said. “We remain confident that Alabama’s best days are ahead of us and we remain eager to being the work that will get us there.”