ALABAMA (WHNT) — With the September 1 change to sales tax in Alabama came a mistake from Walmart and Sam’s Clubs across the state.

Starting Friday, groceries statewide are 1% cheaper after the legislature passed a bill reducing the state’s 4% food tax to 3%.

The national chain stores have admitted that some customers across the state may have been charged both the old sales tax rate and the new sales tax rate.

In a statement from the company, a spokesperson asked customers to check their receipts and to bring them to their local store to get corrected if they were charged more than they should have been.

Walmart Media Relations sent a statement to News 19 regarding taxing customers:

“Earlier today, some Walmart customers and Sam’s Club members across Alabama were incorrectly overcharged sales tax while shopping with us,” The statement said. “Effective Sept. 1, the sales tax rate on food decreased by one percentage point statewide. Our systems mistakenly charged both the old rate and the new rate at the time of sale.”

The company said customers who were charged the extra tax can receive a refund.

“We’re asking customers who used cash while shopping with us today to check their receipts,” Walmart said. “If they see they’ve been charged two separate sales tax amounts, bring that receipt to their Walmart store or Sam’s Club and speak with a member of management to get a refund for the higher of the two taxes. Customers who used credit cards and other forms of payment will receive a notification their refunds were automatically applied.”

Walmart said it expects the issued to be resolved at all Alabama stores sometime Friday evening.

Multiple viewers reached out to News 19 complaining about this, one man even submitting a photo of his receipt to us.

(Photo: David Hoover)

A News 19 crew confirmed the inaccuracy when they purchased an item from a local Walmart reflecting the double tax.

(Photo: WHNT)

As stated above, if you were affected, Walmart asks you to return to the store with your receipt and they will correct the overcharge.