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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Tens of thousands of bees were evicted from a home in West Mobile after a large hive was found between the floors of a two-story house in the Regency Oaks subdivision.

Rob and Crystal Couch first noticed bees swarming near their home two weeks ago. As the bees continued buzzing, Crystal called a beekeeper.

On Wednesday, James Buford of Buford and Sons Beekeeping and Bee Removal Services located the hive in the ceiling of the first floor. When Buford and his assistant cut the first small hole in the ceiling, bees immediately began pouring out.

“It was one of the most incredibly fascinating things I had ever experienced,” Crystal said. The bees clustered around the windows of the room to be near the light.

The beekeeper then cut a large hole to see the entire hive, which revealed 40,000- 50,000 Italian honeybees. The queen was marked with an orange dot, which indicates she had been purchased this year. Buford told the homeowner the queen was likely purchased in early April and delivered to someone locally who wanted to start a hive. “Clearly, she and the rest of the colony escaped and moved into our house,” said Crystal.

The bees were safely relocated and more than four pints of honey were collected.