ALABAMA (WHNT) — A state-by-state breakdown of the most popular and least favorite foods across the country might leave you scratching your head when you see Alabama’s results.

Maybe in the world of upside-down you’d see these kinds of answers, but we have questions.

In a recent survey that asked 2,100 Americans to give their opinions on holiday foods, there were some surprising and unique answers no matter which state you look at. However, something tells us Alabama is backward!

Fruitcake is apparently the Yellowhammer’s favorite food of all time, while scalloped potatoes got the thumbs down. We have questions, too.

Across the nation, scalloped potatoes ranked second as the most favorite, while fruitcake took the same place as the least popular.

Some things may not necessarily qualify as “food” (come on, Tennessee, candy canes?), while others will have you questioning these holiday specifications (fish, Kentucky?).

Foods that made the list included pigs in a blanket, red velvet cake, Christmas nuts, fish, duck brie and peppermint bark.

Texas, meanwhile, kept with its reputation as the only state listing prime rib as its most popular Christmas dish (okay, Illinois, too).

Roasted potatoes ranked as the most popular item overall, while persimmon pudding took #1 as the least popular.

You can find a full, detailed breakdown of the most and least popular foods in each state here.