MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) – In 19 days, voters in Alabama will decide on a recompiled state constitution among several other ballot measures.

During the 2022 legislative session, lawmakers unanimously voted to put the reorganized constitution on the ballot.

On Nov. 8, Alabamians will vote on whether to approve the updated document, believed by some to be the longest constitution in the world.

“Yes, with over 900 amendments,” Nancy Ekberg with Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform said, clutching the thick bound book.

Ekberg says the new constitution won’t be much shorter, but it will make much-needed changes.

“Size is not the problem. The problem is it does not reflect Alabama in 2022,” Ekberg said.

The updated governing document will eliminate racist language dealing with poll taxes, school segregation, interracial marriage and more. It will also put similar subjects in the same place, delete repeated or repealed sections, put all economic development amendments together and arrange local amendments by county.

Rep. Merika Coleman sponsored the legislation in 2019 that gave voters a say in 2020. Now two years later, voters will decide on that final version.

“It’s actually a really exciting time. All of us in the state of Alabama have an opportunity to make history. We now have the chance to right a wrong,” Coleman said.

Coleman says updating the constitution also sends a national message: Alabama is open for business and welcoming of those with diverse backgrounds.

“This state is not a 1901 state. Some of us even talked about it from that perspective that you want people to know that this Alabama is not ‘Alabackwards’ as some people refer to us nationally,” Coleman said.

In addition to that proposal, Amendment 10 will add any amendment approved this election to the new constitution.