ALABAMA (WHNT) — Termite season is almost upon us.

As we inch closer to Spring in Alabama, homeowners should stay aware of some unfriendly guests that could be making their way into your home.

Experts say components of the weather in Alabama are inviting for insects.

Andrew Davitt, an Entomologist for Cook’s Pest Control, says Alabama has the ideal climate for termites and other insects.

“Two main reasons heat and moisture we get a lot of both and insects need both,” Davitt told News 19.

With Alabama being listed in Termite Infestation Probability Zone 1, this significantly raises the likelihood of termites raiding a home.

Pest control experts say it is key to remain aware of your home and its surroundings. This could help prevent infestations or it could expose the presence of those unfriendly creatures in your home.