ALABAMA (WHNT) – On Friday, Governor Kay Ivey announced that she will deliver another pay raise for teachers. This will mark a total pay increase of 15 percent in her time as governor.

Gov. Ivey, a former teacher, said, “Our students’ education is my top priority, and teachers are vital to their successful future, which is why I am proud to, once again, deliver a pay raise to Alabama teachers.”

According to her press release, Ivey’s goal to have the starting salary of all Alabama teachers be the highest in the Southeast by the end of her term directly corresponds with her efforts in recruiting, retaining and preparing the teachers of tomorrow.

“Every year since I have been governor, I have proposed a pay increase for our educators, and because of our work with the legislature, Alabama has increased base salary for teachers by about $6,000 during that time. As I stated during my State of the State address, my goal is to have the starting salary for all Alabama teachers to be the highest in the Southeast by the end of my term,” Gov. Ivey added.

“Each of us has a teacher that made a difference in our lives. I know I did, and I am proud to let every Alabama teacher know that Kay Ivey has their backs.”

This announcement follows the June 1 signing of the State’s budgets, which included the Education Trust Fund and its supplemental.