ALABAMA (WHNT) – Alabama Senate Democrats are calling for more transparency when it comes to the release of police body camera footage.

A bill was introduced Wednesday morning. Its sponsor, Rep. Juandalynn Givan (D-Birmingham), says it has the backing of the state attorney general.

This is a bill Rep. Givan says she’s very proud of. She says she’s been trying for two years to get this through, and believes they have a bill now that’ll get them started.

The bill would create a process in which anyone could file a written request with a law enforcement agency — based on a specific date, time, and incident. That video though could only be given to those visible in the footage, or their representative.

Givan says she doesn’t believe the release of video will interfere with an investigation or the judicial process, but would help families or those who are killed or hurt during a police interaction.

“What we have seen across this country, just right up the street in Memphis, had they not had some safeguards in place like we’re now trying to put in…who is to say Alabama isn’t next? Who’s to say Montgomery isn’t next? Birmingham? Huntsville? Mobile? Who’s to say?,” said Givan. 

Givan says the bill will be considered by a house committee first thing, Thursday morning.