MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A University of South Alabama student decided someone needed to demystify the high school experience, so he wrote a book to help students.

“Navigating High School – A Student’s Guide to Achieving Straight-A’s, Creating an Exciting Social Life, and Making the Varsity Team!” is a “self-help book for students. Its purpose is to help a student with their academic, social and athletic life,” author and USA student Avik Banik said.

Banik said he worked with 112 people from 22 high schools and two learning centers to research the book. All of the people he spoke with are from Mobile County and Baldwin County.

“I never really wanted to be a writer,” Banik said in a press release. “I wrote this book because I felt like it was needed in the world. Many teenagers are struggling with school, and it’s time a tool was created to help them.”

Banik has lived in Mobile since he was 5 years old after moving from Bangladesh with his mother to reunite with his father. When he was a junior at Davidson High School, he decided to begin working on this book.

Now, he’s a sophomore electrical engineering student at South, and he’s got his plan for after school.

“My career plan is to start a business that can benefit the world, by focusing on how to improve the economy of third-world countries,” Banik said.

You can purchase Banik’s book on Amazon.