HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Ahead of a busy Easter weekend filled with catering orders, a sharp spike in the price of eggs is the last thing Good Company Cafe wanted to learn.

The deadliest outbreak of Avian Flu in seven years has caused egg prices to more than double. For Good Company, almost overnight. This latest surge is the steepest, but it’s not the first.

“We used to be able to get a case of eggs $17 to $20, then when the pandemic started it raised slowly to $20, $25, now–previously, it was 30, 35, but now its 60-something,” owner and president Angela Ozbolt said. “It’s going to be a significant impact on us and the way we do our business.”

The cafe is a triple threat: also a bakery and a catering company. They even have a special Easter weekend menu, filled with egg-based items.

On a normal week though, they go through about ten cases of eggs weekly. Each case holds 15-dozen eggs.

“Our most popular sandwich is our dad’s egg sandwich, we’re selling 300-400 of dad’s eggs a month, besides that, we’ve got frittata, we’ve got lots of other egg sandwiches on the menu, and then we’ve got cakes, our pastries, our wedding cakes, it’s everywhere,” Ozbolt said.

She explained because prices for other items have risen at different points during the pandemic too, they have already been forced to increase costs for some of their menu options. Now, they’re discussing how to attack this latest one.

“This morning, we’ve already had to consider our pricing structure for our wedding cakes and all of our other baked items. It may be a percentage across the board, so that way, not one item becomes out of reach,” Ozbolt said.

She added their whole existence hinges on serving the community successfully, so making any changes in their prices, she said, is a delicate balance.

“What we’re still really trying to do is make sure we’re still affordable, and viable people in our community,” she said. “We don’t like the price increase and I know that they won’t either so we’re going to do what we can to cushion that,” she said.