ALABAMA (WHNT) — News 19, in collaboration with Emerson College and The Hill, conducted a statewide poll checking in with voters ahead of the Alabama primary election. The top three candidates in the GOP race for U.S. Senate, Katie Britt, Mike Durant, and Rep. Mo Brooks, are polling within eight points of each other.

Former Shelby aide Britt is polling the highest at 32%. She has a six-point lead on her nearest opponent, U.S. Army veteran and businessman Mike Durant, who is polling at 26%.

Over the past two months, Durant has dropped from the race leader to second place, a loss of seven points. Despite his drop in the polls, Durant said he is optimistic heading into election day.

“We feel great about where we are,” Durant said. “The only results that are going to matter are going to be next Tuesday night, and we’re looking forward to that. We’re very confident we are going to do well.”

Durant is followed closely by Brooks who is polling at 25%. Brooks has seen a 13-point increase since March.

In a statement Wednesday, the Brooks campaign noted the candidate’s recent gains.

“It’s clear that Mo Brooks is surging heading into primary day. This same poll had Mo at 12% a month ago, showing a 13 point swing in a month. That’s unheard of, but goes to show that as people learn about Mo’s conservative record they overwhelmingly want to support him. Alabamians also understand that polls are never favorable to real conservatives like Mo. This polling group was way off in Pennsylvania, and election day is going to show us in a very strong position to win this race. The grassroots of our great state feel what we feel, and see the incredible MOmentum we’ve got. The comeback is on.”

Will Hampson, Brooks Campaign Spokesman

14% of Alabama voters remain undecided in the upcoming primary election. Of the undecided, 39% said they are leaning towards Britt, 27% said Brooks, and 18% said Durant.

Britt said she intends to maintain her momentum though election day.

“We are working tirelessly on the campaign trail, traveling to every corner of our state to visit with hardworking Alabamians, listen to their opportunities and challenges, answer questions, and share our conservative message. It’s clear from our surging momentum that Alabamians know that I am the best candidate to defend our Christian conservative values, fight for the America First agenda, and preserve the country that we know and love for our children and our children’s children. I will continue to work hard to earn the vote of people across Alabama.”

Katie Britt, U.S. Senate Candidate

Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl said he expects this U.S. Senate primary to be tight.

“I hope that voter turnout will be high,” Wahl said. “Looking at these poll results, it really just confirms how important it is for everybody to get out and vote. Races are literally decided by one or two votes sometimes, and this is one of those opportunities where every vote matters and every vote counts.”

Of the 1000 Alabama voters polled, 75% are white and 58% are over the age of 50. Only 33% approve of President Biden’s time in office.

The Alabama primary election will take place on May 24. If necessary, a runoff is scheduled for June 21.