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Congressman Mo Brooks, who represents Alabama’s 5th District, spoke with News 19 on the events that happened last week at the U.S Capitol.

Congressman Brooks’ name has been in a number of headlines recently, from challenging the election to, more recently, receiving criticism for his speech ahead of Wednesday’s siege at the capitol. During his remarks, Brooks remarked to the crowd, “today is the day Americans start taking down names and kicking a**.” During Monday’s interview on News 19, Brooks was asked if he regretted his comments.

“My job in a rally, and I don’t know if you’ve been to a political rally, one is to keep people interested, two is to build up morale,” said Brooks.

News 19 has received dozens of phone calls and social media comments raising concerns about Brooks’ words at President Trump’s rally Wednesday. Words calling for people at the rally to sacrifice, and asking, whether they had the nerve to lay down their lives like soldiers had during the American Revolutionary War.

Monday, we heard from Representative Brooks addressing his constituents’ concerns. He also addressed two House Democrats’ resolution to censure him for allegedly inciting last week’s capitol riots.

“I think some of these folks are giving me far too much credit in my persuasive ability,” said Brooks.

Watch the full interview from January 11, 2021 on News 19 at 5:00 below.

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