ALABAMA (WHNT) – With less than two months until the primary election, a recent poll shows more than half of Alabamians approve of Governor Kay Ivey. News 19, working with Emerson College and the Hill, conducted a statewide poll asking voters if they approve or disapprove of the job Ivey is doing as governor.

52% of respondents said they approve of Ivey’s time in office, 33% disapprove, and 16% remain neutral.

Ivey took office upon the 2017 resignation of former Alabama governor Robert Bentley. In 2018, she ran for the position and has served as governor for nearly five years. Last year, Ivey announced she would rerun.

News 19 political analyst Jess Brown said the Ivey campaign is well-funded.

“Governor Ivey enjoys the support of every major interest group in the state,” Brown said.

Ivey’s campaign ads appear alongside Republican challengers businesswoman Lindy Blanchard and Tim James, son of former Alabama governor Fob James, but Brown said Ivey’s commercials stand out from the pack.

“I would say Governor Ivey’s current TV commercials are the best being run by any of the candidates seeking statewide office.”

Ivey will appear on the Republican primary ballot on May 24th.